Young Explorer Weekend / Over Night Program 

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The days will be broadly divided into 3 sessions – • Trek/activity – The day’s trek/walk activity depending on the plan • Post lunch Outdoor/ Situational Activities – The structured curriculum of putting children through various situations and studying their response, various team building activities, survival activities of basic knots, map reading, obstacle courses, Nature treasure hunts, yoga etc. will be covered in this session. • Evening Reflection Sessions/movie under the stars - In an easy setting, children will reflect on the day’s activities and engage with other participants through sharing and discussions Points to note – • All our instructors are certified by ABVIMAS/ NIM and trained to handle children • We always have women instructors in adequate ratio to the number of girl participants General Schedule 06.00 am: wakeup call 07.00 am: warming up activity 07.30 am: break fast 08.30 am: day’s fun adventure 01.00 pm: lunch 04.00 pm: Evening Snack 06.30 pm: firewood collection 07.30 pm: camp fire/ Reflections 08.30 pm: dinner 10.00 pm: lights off Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the campsites & what camping means Treks are the perfect way to get your child to connect with nature, to get them to discover their adventurous side and to become environmentally conscious. So, what are the fun things your child can do on the trek, apart from the learning activities that we shall conduct – • Collect firewood for the evening bonfire with wild horses, goats and sheep for company at times • Cozying up for storytelling or play acting or board games • Dancing or lazing on the grass in the forest • Learning on the go about coniferous trees like Pine, Fir, Deodar and the birds and the vegetation found in the region. • Enjoy hot chocolate



Parent Testimonials

Thanks for putting such a wonderful program together.The program,design ,execution and passion & care with which you undertook it is so good,that it is difficult to thank you enough through any means. 😄👍🏻👍🏻

Kids had a awesome time and have come back with so many memorable moments ,which they will remember for a life time.

There are ,so many unique experiences that Namya is sharing,she has gained from the program. Looking forward to another program ,in future as well.

Thanks again ...& Best Wishes to All Open Skiez Ventures Ahead !!! 😄😄🙏👍🏻

Ashey Upasana Agrawal

Good Morning

Rahul Leena Vikas (and the team of teachers trainers and experts that you guys built)

Thank you for creating beautiful memories for Saachi.

Thank you for a first hand travel light, live light learning experience.

When is the next trip?

When is the next trip for Adults 😊?

Good Luck for the future trips!!

Vaideshi & Sachin

Dhyana is already ready for the next Open Skiez trip. though after a luxury trip she says😊😊.

The entire afternoon she just went gaga about how much they enjoyed the entire trip, making new friends, doing an advertisement act, rappelling, walking through the cold river, the yumm food at the base camp, collecting fire wood, all the vomit stories too and much more..

She had a wonderful trip and memories created forever.

Thank you for such a well organised camp, the minute details that was taken care of, the prompt updates and making the kids feel so comfortable 🤗🤗🤗

Mansi & Rakesh

Thank you Leena, Rahul & Vikas for the wonderful trip. Vyom enjoyed the outing very much. He even brought back glacier/spring water for us to drink😊.

Sneha &Sushant Naik

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