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Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

I tried. My team and I reached till the fourth camp, the last camp in the death zone before the summit. Extreme weather conditions forced us to call off the mission. I hope Sagarmatha will call me again for my second try.

The dream I cherished would never have been possible without your support and encouragement. I am grateful to the sponsors, who have shown tremendous faith in my abilities. I shall keep trying till I achieve the extraordinary.
I hope you will continue to support me for my mission everest 2018.

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My social missions

Happy Feet is my Mission with Goonj to collect 29,035 pairs of used shoes while I climb 29,035 feet towards Mount Everest and distribute them among underprivileged kids. Read more...

I have collaborated with Mumbai Mobile Creches to sponsor the fruits provided in the meals for children in their day care centres for two months, by collecting funds.

Batti is a mission to provide solar electricity to maximum homes in remote corners of North East India. I am climbing towards lighting these homes with Further and Beyond.

My Preparation

VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Climb 29035 feet to provide 29035 happy feet in April 2017

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VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Join Vikas Dimri on his Everest Summit mission up to the Everest Base Camp

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VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Consistency in terms of training and diet is key to maintaining my stamina and fitness

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Together with you, I hope to create a measurable impact on the lives of the underprivileged children.
If you’re looking for a trek that’s challenging but with great views and beautiful campsites with personality, then the Bagini trek is for you.
Our local running community organized a meet yesterday “Meet the Runners”, where some running greats shared their experiences & knowledge.

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